The most complete Cookieless Analytics Suite for business

Pay per seats instead traffic.

Activate modules as you grow

Accurate & Agnostics data

Basic - Audit Package:

All that you need to manage your website with basic KPIs. Perfect for small businesses and blogs:

Activate Basic Package:

Perfect Package for Bloggers or if you want to audit your Google Analytics traffic. How much traffic you are not tracking due cookie consent or adblockers,...?

7 days Free Trial

Ecommerce Package:

KPIs for businesses that need to grow. Add costs data, track conversions, events (add-to-cart, newsletter subscriptions,...) revenue, calculate ROAS. Detailed information by source, campaigns, and terms.

Track in real time the ROAS of your digital marketing campaigns:

Activate our Costs Calculator and import automatically the costs of your Google Ads and Facebook Ads Campaigns.


Analyze the evolution of your stats per day, week or month. Build your sales funnel with real-time data.


Activate Ecommerce Package:

A real google Analytics alternative. Track all your traffic with no cookie consent. Respect the privacy of your users and track the 100% of your traffic and sales.

Take decisions based on accurate & agnostic data.

7 days free trial

Customer Intelligence (Add-on)

Customer Intelligence is like a CRM Analytics that works with Zero Party Data: The secret to get more clients is to know why they buy your products.

Access to LTV, CAC and more metrics.

Access to more than 40 business KPIs:

  • Lifetime Value
  • Customer Acquisition Cost
  • ROAS
  • New Customers
  • Recurrent Customers
  • New Customers
  • Recurring Customers
  • New Revenue
  • Recurrent Revenue
  • Total Revenue
  • Average Sales Ticket
  • Cohorts Reports
  • Clicks until purchase
  • Days until purchase
  • Freeze Customers
  • ARPU new vs recurrent customer
  • Per Source
  • Per Campaign
  • Per Medium
  • Per Term

Activate Customer Intelligence Add-on

You'll know how your customers are with a fully business vision. LTV, CAC, ROAS, new vs recurrent clients, news vs recurrent revenue, and more than 40 business KPI

More new Features:

Import Google Ads & Facebook Ads Costs.

Import automatically your costs from Google Ads and Facebook Ads connecting via API. You'll have CPA, CAC, ROAS data in Real-time by source, campaigns, keyword, placement and productid (gshopping).

Calculated Costs.

Add your CPA, CPC or Sponsorship by Source and Adinton will calculate in real time your costs and ROAS by source.

Import offline conversions.

Import conversions made from your contact center via CSV, Zapier or API. You'll have your complete sales funnel while you are completely privacy-friendly.

Google Data Studio Connection.  Coming soon.

Connect all your Cookieless data, ROAS, Costs with Data Studio and create amazing reports.

We MUST revolutionize digital marketing and Web Analytics. 

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Works with AZEXO page builder