Accurate & Agnostic Privacy-first Web Analytics for Business

Unlimited Pages, Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Accounts. Price based on seats. 


Best choice for Bloggers or Audit your Traffick

For those businesses that need to track or audit clicks and conversions. Basic & Simple Analytics data.

  • Unlimited Page Views.
  • Unlimited Domains.
  • Unlimited Accounts.
  • Don't require cookie consent.
  • Unlimited Domains
  • BASIC KPIs: Clicks, Page views, conversions
  • Audit your traffic.
  • Import Offline conversions



Best value for Ecommerce, SaaS and Agencies

For those businesses & Agencies that need to assign conversions to sources, campaigns,... Daily, Weekly and Monthly report. 

  • Unlimited Page Views
  • Unlimited Domains.
  • Unlimited Accounts.
  • Conversions by Source, campaigns, and Terms.
  • Acquisition Report
  • Time Evolution Report
  • Import Offline Conversions
  • Admin Roles 


Add modules as you need:

Import Offline Conversions:

Are you closing sales from Contact Center or by phone? Are you getting leads online and close the opportunities by phone? 

Don't worry import via CSV or connect our API to your CRM and sync automatically your offline conversions with Adinton and create your sales funnel in real time: Clicks > Leads > Deal > Won. Create offline events.

Customer Intelligence Module:

Adinton will track every single purchase and will organize your customer data to take the best insights: Lifetime Value, CAC, ARPU, Purchase Cohorts report, loyalty, Recurrent vs New Customers...

No extra setup needed.

ROAS Calculator Module:

Are you working on CPC, CPA, or Sponsorship basis? No problem, let Adinton knows how you are working with each channel and Adinton will calculate Costs and ROAS automatically!! How Cost Calculator works.

Import Automatically Costs From Google & Facebook Ads:

Connect your Adinton account to your Google Ads and Facebook Ads Accounts and download automatically your costs. Sync for 19€/mo per each 10 Google Ads and/or Facebook Ads connections. Buy 10 connections package every time you need it.


How does Adinton know conversion by source if it doesn't track any userid?

Take a look at this post, you'll find out how we have solved this huge problem of marketers.

How many sites can I track with my Adinton Package?

You can work with unlimited websites and with the same price.

We will never sell your data. We are simply making it easy for more businesses to see for themselves that they can regain access to 100% of their data.

What is an Admin Role?

Admin Roles are used by Digital Marketing Agencies and Companies with different departments. It controls access to the different accounts. For example, if you are an Agency, an Admin Role can grant your Performance team access to all accounts and give your customers a more limited access.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my account?

Sure, you can upgrade or downgrade your account as you need

How many users can I add?

You can add unlimited users to access to your account/s.

I'm a Digital Agency, can I add my client user to his account?

Yes! if you are a digital agency or you are managing more than 1 account, you can select which account he/she can access to and you can select which package to activate. > More info <.

What can an Admin Role User do?

Admin Role User can grant access to selected accounts and choose the package applied to user granted.

Works with AZEXO page builder